ComfortLighting helps customers: Reduce Energy Bills significantly, Reduce their carbon footprint, Reduce their energy consumption while receiving optimal lighting experience and help to be compliant with The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.

ComfortLighting is dedicated to providing innovative and energy-efficient LED solutions and applications for lighting. We take the time to get a thorough understanding of the customer needs, in Residential, Commercial and Government environments. Our staff is fully trained on providing our clients a full assessment and analysis of their current situation and how ComfortLighting can help.

Incandescent lights producing 60 watt – 300 watt are resplaced with 5 watt – 25 watt ComfortLighting lamps.

ComfortLighting provides a full range of LED lighting options:

Indoors – Homes, shops, office, schools, hotels, factories and hospitals
Outdoor – Public Places, Residential Areas and Arenas

Lighting Segments:

LED Bay/Warehouse Lights , LED Spotlights , LED Panel Lights , LED Down Lights , LED Tube , LED & Eco Bulbs , Solar Lights, LED Street Lights, Exterior Tunnel & Flood Lights.

ComfortLighting is committed to The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007
(originally named the Clean Energy Act of 2007)

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